Your strats
one place

XStrat will allow you and your team to plan, manage and distribute your strategies. Everything is saved in the cloud and is only accessible by your team. Just create your team and get started!


your team

Our team calendar offers a lot of handy features to organize your matchdays. Determine the perfect time for a scrim with the click of a button, create scrims and schedule warmups. XStrat lets you create off days to let your teammates know that you wont be available for a specific time


Easily track
your progress

Unlike other apps we are all about tracking your progress and putting it all in one place. Get your analyst results right in the app to improve as you play!


The tools
you need

The included skin switcher lets you disable all your skins within seconds. Having to kill a teammate due to unwanted skins enabled could cost you the round – never again!
Just reenable all skins after a scrim and jump back into siege


This is XStrat

Freemium Model

All essential features of XStrat are free for everyone. You do not have to provide a payment method!

Made for comp

All people involved in the development, marketing, support and testing are highly experienced competitive players.

Constant Development

We are trying our best to keep up with your feedback and are able to react to bugs within a few days. Your client will update automatically.

Team Calendar

Keep track of your scrims, matches, off days, trainings and much more. XStrats allows you to be more organized and train more efficient

Scrim Finder

Our advanced algorithm lets you find the perfect times for your scrims and matches.

Off days

We not only allow you to dates to scrim or play but also mark dates when you are not available. This makes finding matching times more easy.

Highly specialized

We know what the community needs and worked together with a lot of players to optimize XStrat. The software will always be updated with every new season for you to use the new content!

Advanced Statistics

We can not only capture ingame statistics and compare your teammates with each other but also provide statistics about scrim results, player participation and much more.

Training Routines

Improve your training by creating your own routines and train much more efficient.

Over 99% Uptime

Our API and Webservice are highly reliable with more than 99% service uptime.

Hosted in Germany

We use high quality servers based in Germany to provide great reliability.

Discord integration

With our discord integration you can get reminders of scrims and upcoming events and also receive weekly summaries.


Any Questions?

Feel free to message us on twitter, email or discord.
Our support team is just a message away!

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